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Quality assurance

Car Cleaning & Detailing Tips

Steam Car Washer

There are many applications for our system:
- Car Washes & Detail Shops
- Auto Dealerships
- Fleet companies
- Rent a Car companies & Car leasing companies
Applied prior to waxing, our system rapidly washes away any dust, grime, and oil. It is done quickly and effectively with high-pressure steam, using a fraction of the water of other systems, and has a vapor adjustment function.
Safety is important to us. Features including an automatic alarm and automatic power shut-off when the unit is short on water help to ensure the safe use of our product.
Our model is fully automatic. Turn it on, push a button and you¡¯re ready to go. Just a few minutes after washing one car, you can wash the next car with no down time, owing to our automatic heating sensor.
The car is sprayed with our safe steam(temperature : approx 176degrees F) which is completely safe for all car finishes.
we recommend steam package

We recommend Steam Package


Seven Car Wash Korea, Inc. holds the highest position in steam wash machine industry.

We manufacture and offer reliable and user-oriented steam cleaner ranging from industrial steam wash machines to commercial ones.
Our Steam Wash Machine generates steam for cleaning and
washes dusts and old stains clean by steam with high temperature and pressure,
which is generated with 120-degree-heat and 10 Bar. It is in the lime light in that it is effective in work,
accompanies sterilizing effect and is eco-friendly with use of less water and generation of less waste water.

However, control on high heat and pressure should be made and stable supply of steam is required. Thus, the ability to apply steam to cleaning machine can be done by the companies with sufficient technical skills.

Our company is putting unique and sophisticated technical knowhow in order to introduce more powerful and reliable steam cleaner.
We have produced user-friendly steam wash machines where have steam cleaner can supply steam without any interval through continuous steam supply from steam generator in using steam, and safety device can cope with high heat and temperature,

together with strength and reliability for use in tough working environment and easy maintenance & repair.

Also, regarding after sales support, we provide continuous technical support so that the inconvenience by the companies and users of
our steam products can be minimized.


Hand car cleaning or tunnel system, which uses the existing water, has not only caused cost issue as well as environmental issue
by consuming lots of water, but also causes many inconveniences due to legal regulations on water use or waster water.
Also, drivers have no choice but to have many complaints including scratch on car, and restriction on car washing on cold days in winter.

Thus, steam car washer is designed to settle the complaints of these business and car owners
Steam car wash machine washes dusts and old stains on steam car cleaning with the steam generating
120-degree-high temperature and high pressure. Car outside like wheel, which was washed by spraying lots of water
and using detergent, can be cleaned easily with spray of a little steam accompanying strong pressure.

Also, the detailed parts like car gap and engine, which are hard to be washed with the existing washing solution,
can be washed steam spray with high pressure, and, and, thanks to the steam accompanying sterilizing effect of high temperature,
car inside is not only washed cleanly,
but also sterilized by killing bacteria and germs exercising bad effects on health or causing allergy

It consumes much less water than the existing car cleaning & car detailing equipment by using steam.
It is possible to wash one car with only 2 liters of water, differently from the requirement of more than 100 liters of water.

Generator installed inside the product generates high-pressure steam, and consumption on water for steam sprayed
by steam car washer, is also small enough to use only 2 liters of water for one car.
Since water consumption on steam car cleaner is small, the quantity of waste water is extremely small.
Thus,it can wash car without any restriction on additional waste water treatment facility or environment-related regulation.

Moreover, the size of steam car washer & cleaner are not that big.
Thus, our steam car cleaning & car detailing equipment is possible even at such a small spaceas parking lot or gas station,
and it is quite a free from any restraint on place because washing can done at underground
with steam car washer thanks to only a little exhaust gas or waste water.

Also, steam car washer & cleaner of Seven Car Wash can be widely used in many places ranging from steam car washing to steam cleaning of
the facilities like kitchen, industrial facility and plant as well as public place including hospital, restaurant and theater.

It demonstrates the best effect in the places requiring sanitary conditions due to sterilizing effect as well as washing effect
with high temperature by steam. Those include the facilities with old stains, which are difficult to wash, the facilities,

which can become dirty easily due to tough outside working environment, and the facilities and places,
which require thorough sanitary conditions.

Seven Car Wash Korea¡¯s steam car washer & cleaner, which realizes the strength of steam like optimization,
efficiency and economics, guarantee the maximum satisfaction to our customers.

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