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      7car wash machine   Tunnel washing system
  Water Consumption   2 liters   150 ~ 200 liters
  Space   1.1   18
  Cost   10.000 USD   200.000 USD
  Cost for installation   NO NEED   More than 10.000 USD
  Sewage disposal   NO NEED   NEED
  Interior cleaning   Available   Not available
  Sterlization   Available(High temperature steam)   Not available
  Maintenance   Easy   Difficult
      7car wash   Competitor (A company)
  Material in body   stainless Steel long-term(10years)   Steel or Plastic (2years)
  Hose connection   Quick one touch & Safe insulation for double cover hose   Connection with tool & naked cover
  Multi nozzle   3different nozzle   No
  Water Consumption   200~300 per min   400~500 per min
  Fuel Consumption   1.3Liter per hour (diesel)   2~3Liter per hour
  Certification   ISO9001, CE(Include PED)   ISO9001, CE(NOT Include PED)
  Vibration   No noise   Noise
  For mobile business   Easy installation inside   No
  Operating pressure   No-drop pressure   Drop-pressure
  Safety system   Over temperature system
Over pressure protection system
Electric leaking cut off system
Water shortage alarm system
LED digital control system
Vapor adjustment valve
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