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Steam Technology

  Steam Technology
    The built-in boil is injected with water running out of a water tank and heats the water to generate high temperature and high pressure steam through cooper pipe. This generated steam is exhausted through the nozzle to clean dusts deposited on the surface of vehicle. When these dirts are exposed to steam, they rise up from the surface and at this time, it is possible to wipe them off without any scratch on the surface.
    The core of steam technology is how long to generate this high pressure steam continuously. Once you turn on our product and pass pre-heating time until the steam starts to be generated, it generates steam continuously without delay until you turn it off after completing all works. This merit allows more rapid car washing for more cars, it obtains advantages such as economical efficiency and rapidness.
    Its body made of stainless steel will not give no damage from climate and environment in outdoor using as well as indoor using. Moreover, it is equipped with a high pressure and high temperature built-in boiler, so firmness is one of very important factors. This firmness as well as product functions is one of our pride also.
    Because it deals this high pressure stream, safety problem is raised up. Therefore, our company paid a lot of attention to safety devices for high temperature and high pressure. Including a breaker for prevention of excessive high pressure, circuit breaker, and hose cover for preventing a burn from hot steam hose, these reliable safety utilities removes risks in handling our products.
    When observing basic safety guidelines, even anybody can wash a car easily. Moreover, simplified control panel allows easy control and convenient understanding of product operation. In addition, maintenance of our products is convenient also. Therefore even in repairing, they can be used again with only exchange of corresponding parts.
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